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How long does a disposable vape pen last?

Disposable vape pen. Are you are quite the vaping admirer but do not already own your own pen? Wondering how long one might last? Here is a robust guide for you on how to choose the best pen for awesome clouds. A good pen is one that only exudes the huge clouds but also health conscious ones and lasts you longer. This is the stuff people often wish they had read before buying cheap vape pens on ebay.

 By the end of today’s blog post you will understand the difference between an ordinary e-cig and vape pens. Get to know approximately how long does a disposable vape pen last. Also, we give you the pros and cons of choosing disposable pens like you are a three year old. 

Why is vaping on the rise?

Around the globe, more countries are legalizing the herb and people are increasingly learning of the benefits of marijuana and its derivatives to good health. Its contributions to science and modern medicine has been the key driver for the growth in the number of users worldwide. Where governments previously banned the herb, increased pressure from the medical fraternity is forcing partial or full legalization to improve health-care delivery and overall quality of life.

Which one to purchase? Vape pens or e-cigs?

One of the things that you have to consider is your style of vaping. Would you rather go with vape style or with e-cigarettes. The better trend to go with depends on whether or not you are a quitting smoker. If you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes then an e-cig will work better for you. The smoother transition will help you put harmful tobacco cigarettes in your rear view

On the one hand, vape pens come in all shapes and sizes for your enjoyment. There are long thin tubular devices, short and sweet ones, bright colored, larger more wattful ones. It just depends on how much cloud you want to dispense and the stuff you want to burn. Features include temperature control, refillable cartridges, discreet concealable designs, powerful long-lasting batteries among others fancy sometimes even customizable options.

On the other hand, ecigs take after traditional cigarettes and will feel just like smoking. They have the unique advantage and sophistication of being minute, concealable and discreet. If you have been looking to transition into the vaping universe this is the choice you want to go with. If this sounds like something you would want to try you are probably a smoker looking to quit and you are on the right track! Go ahead. 

Disposable vs reusable vape pens

Deciding whether to keep using disposable or to invest in a starter pack is a tricky business. This is because there are unique advantages of choosing either option.

Whether to invest in a reusable pen or buy a one-time disposable depends on your aim. Not to sound too obvious but there are people out there who simply can’t make up their mind on whether they need to keep a pen or not. Even if you just want a one-time thing, or it’s medicinal, its perhaps prudent to invest in a long-lasting pen. If you are not using it, you can toss it in a drawer somewhere for another rainy day.

How long does a vape pen last?

Now onto the main course of the day, exactly what is the longevity of a vape pen you ask? Well, simple questions have simply complicated answers. It depends. Simply, what is the type of pen you choose to buy and from which brand? The complicated part is how carefully do you use your pen and how often, Quantity of herb, temperature, frequency of stoning, your maintenance aptitude, luck streak; it all matters. 

Disposable vape pens


  • come prefilled

so you don’t have to a be a pro to vape. This works out perfectly if you know the strains you need and don’t want to explore additional options. Beginners often prefer to do this but occasionally, a pro will forget his magic vape pen and want to find out how  long disposable vape pens cost.

  • no need for charging

That’s great because you just use whenever until it runs dry. The battery life is timed to exhaust all the oil inside cartridge before it runs low. Hence the reasons why people search, how long does vape oil last?

NEW! TryTheCBD vape pens are NOW RECHARGEABLE AS WELL! If you run out of juice you can simply plug it in any micro usb charger and extend the life of this great vape pen!

  • cheaper than reusable pens

Definitely saves you money if you want a quick vape from scratch compared to a fully-fledged vapers starter pack. A worthy investment for a vacation or other time in solitude. When you forget your pen or you don’t mind spending about $2000 per year on vaping.

  • Great if you want to try the vaping experience for the first time.

Beginners want the cheaper and easier to use solution to decide if this is really worth it. We totally respect that, once you make certain that a vape pen is a worthy investment then you can make an informed choice of the best vape pens that last long.


  • more expensive if used continuously

With regular use, the cost of purchasing disposables will pile up quickly to really high costs.

  • When you are out, you are out! No refills you just need to buy enough of these and probably more than you think you need rest you run out.
  • Only one strain per pen, no mixed strain vaping. With this feature, you can hit the sweet spot easily by try and error.
  • limited vape pen choices

Reusable vape pen

vape battery
510 Cartridge Adjustable Voltage and Preheat Function Battery


  • rechargeable for regular use

Always nice to know you can just plug it into the wall or with usb port and continue vaping.

  • replaceable cartridges
  • pre-filled cartridges available
  • cartridge cheaper than disposable pens
  • can customize contents with different strains


  • must be recharged before use
  • more pricey than disposable ones

In summary; if you are looking for a pen for long term use then you might want to consider a reusable one.  You can choose what you bake and exactly how high you want to get. If you are looking for a one time vaping experience, then a disposable might work best for you. Normally, an ordinary disposable is fitted with a battery that should outlast the contents of the cartridge. It has a set number of expected puffs and a cumulative duration of inhalation. This is specified by the manufacturer, say 150 seconds which translates to 150 -1 second puffs.

The bang for your buck provided by each vape pen be it disposable or not depends on how long its will last. As with many electronic devices, the battery lifespan will be the chief determinant. Other factors affecting the longevity of a vape pen and pretty much any vaporizer is the quality of controls  including the power button and temperature control. If you can regulate the heat at which you are baking your vape, you have more battery life and also can prevent overheating the element for longer vaping sessions.

To decide if you need a disposable or a longer lasting pen, you need to consider your daily usage and follow the numbers. Don’t forget that refillable cartridges also cost money and sometimes one is just visiting a state where the herb is legal and so a disposable is cheaper and more convenient.

How long does a vape pen battery last?

On average, you might find that you need to recharge your reusable vape pen for about three to four hours for full battery charge which will last you about two whole hours of vaping. Its not quite like your smartphone but considering that it is boiling dry marijuana, the battery life is incredible.

 Most vape pen manufacturer claim that their pens can go up to two full days on battery power which is too far for a typical 800 to 100mAh batteries they come fitted with.

Factors that influence the lifespan of a vape pen


Assuming all vape pens from a particular manufacturer are excellent, here are few more factors that affect how durable your purchase will be.

  • How much CBD you need
  • How long your vaping sessions are
  • How frequently you vape

Desirable specifications for longer lasting vape pens

  • Temperature control

Regulating the temperature will help start slow and fine tune the pen so it is not overheating at any point?

  • Battery life

Longevity of the battery is longevity of the device. Once the battery dies and becomes weak for reusable pens, you just might have to get anew pen.

  • Ceramic or quartz coils

The type of heating element has everything to do with it being reliable so you are sure it will not die on you. Ceramic coils seem to heat smooth clouds while quartz atomizers will draw large clouds. Find the best engine and find your longest lasting vape pen.

  • Ergonomic durable body

Often a vape pen may be subjected to excessive mistreatment when you accidentally sit on it and such. For this reason, the body ought to be sturdy and durable.

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