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Why CBD isn’t certified organic?Why CBD isn’t certified

Why CBD isn’t certified,It is only very recently that CBD has become so known and familiar to people. Because of the countless health benefits that it has to offer. The hemp extracts in the CBD oil products are greatly beneficial to treat health issues. Like muscle pain, menstrual pain relief, epilepsy and anxiety etc. The awareness of the product has in general created a major demand for it as well. When CBD oil products were less popular, it was also difficult to find these products easily in the market. The popularity has made access to CBD products much easier. As hundreds of brands are now claiming to sell 100% organic CBD oil. But what is organic CBD oil and can it really be certified organic? This is exactly what we are revealing in detail in this blog. 

Organic CBD Oil
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid constituent of cannabis. It was discovered in 1940 and initially thought not to be pharmaceutically active. It is one of at least 113 cannabinoids identified in hemp plants, accounting for up to 40% of the plant’s extract. Source: Wiki  

To begin with..

Let’s begin with talking about what organic hemp is? Hemp plant extracts the cannabinoid chemical compounds that composite the CBD oil product. When we say extraction, the process of extracting hemp oil from the plant is not as simple as it sounds. In fact the organic 100% natural method of hemp oil extraction from the plant is so time consuming. And involves so many steps to be followed. That it is virtually impossible to ever get your hands on 100% natural smarts organic CBD oil product. And also if you’re looking for a certified organic CBD oil product.Why CBD isn’t certified.

Hemp plants are bio-accumulators 

As it is known, hemp is a bio-accumulator plant. This means that hemp draws everything near it. And absorbs everything from the soil, water and air that it breathes in. Hence, a hemp plant can never be 100% organic because it will be contaminated. And by toxins on some level that it has absorbed by the soil or from the air. 

What makes hemp plants organic?

In order to grow organic hemp, the following requirements need to be met.

Plant seeds

The plant seeds need to be 100% organic, pure and untreated. There should be no chemical hindrance with the plant seeds. Which must be in its complete organic form by all means.Why CBD isn’t certified.

Organic CBD Oil and seeds - CBD dispensary near me - Strongest CBD Oil

 Soil conditions 

The next requirement for an organic hemp plant is the soil conditions that need to be 100% natural. No chemicals and absolutely no toxins present. Moreover, the soil must be maintained in its purest form right throughout the time when the hemp plant grows. 

No growth hormones

Farmers often use growth enhancers, stimulators and hormones to grow hemp plants to full form. Otherwise the plant takes too long to grow and that much time cannot be taken. Because there is a persistent manufacturer and consumer demand that needs to be met. However, a basic requirement for organic hemp plant is that its growth is all-natural. And has not been stimulated by any growth hormones or enhancers.

No medication 

Plants are living beings and therefore are not safe from any diseases. They have problems of their own that come arise whilst the plant is growing. The farmer needs to use plant protection products to prevent and cure the plant disease or else the entire crop might damage. However, a basic requirement for ‘organic’ hemp is that it has not been treated by any biocontrol products including herbicides. 

No radiations

As we all know, plants need to basic things to grow; light and water. The basic source of light is of course the sun but when the sun does not come out for days or sunlight is blocked by heavy clouds, the farmers have no choice but to resort to artificial means of light radiations to prevent the inhibition of plant growth. However, organic hemp should not be grown using any processed or synthetic light but must only be grown with help of natural sunlight.

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