CBD Oil 600 mg THC Free


  • 0% THC
  • Non-GMO
  • CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp Oil


CBD Oil 600 mg THC Free

CBD Oil.Our hemp extracted 600 mg CBD tincture, which is created with a base of MCT coconut oils, is an amazing combination of two of nature’s most well loved superfoods. Trying out CBD oil 600 mg is a great option for beginners who are new to the CBD world. By choosing to use a 600 mg hemp oil, you may be nourishing your brain and improving your health, all in one. The effects of 600 mg CBD can offer many great benefits to all kinds of people.

Our 600 mg hemp oil is a great option for many people who want to give CBD a try. Taking CBD oil 600 mg can be a great introduction into the world of CBD products.

Pure natural ingredients ensure high quality and safety in all of our CBD oil 600 mg products.


You can feel sure that you’re purchasing a top notch product when you buy a 600 mg CBD tincture from us because all of our products are sent off to an independent lab for testing and quality assurance. There’s no point in taking a high CBD tincture if you’re not even sure what you’re getting!

Research says that CBD tinctures, including our CBD oil 600 mg, provides some of the most diverse and effective health benefits found in all of nature. The entirety of good CBD tincture effects are only now beginning to be understood.

Of course, you should do your own research and see if 600 mg CBD may be able to help your specific condition or symptoms.

However, the anecdotal evidence is growing. People all over the world are praising the use of CBD products for a wide variety of ailments, aches, and pains.

Always consult your physician first if you have a medical condition or are taking any medications prior to consuming 600 mg CBD! Our 600 mg CBD tincture is known to be safe, but you should always clear a new addition to your regimen with your doctor first. 

Ingredients of CBD Oil 600 mg:

  • 600 MG CBD — CO2 Extracted Industrial Hemp Oil (Non Psychoactive, 0% THC)
  • MCT Coconut Oil (Carrying Oil)

Our 600 mg hemp oil is made from non GMO, Pesticide Free Industrial Hemp. It is made in Colorado. Try our 600 mg hemp oil as a great introduction to the world of CBD today.

All of our products, including our 600 mg hemp oil, are heavy metal and pesticide FREE. See our latest third party lab results for 600 mg hemp oil in the product photos.

Wondering what MCT stands for? Many people have heard of MCT coconut oil but aren’t sure exactly what it is. We’ll explain it briefly since it is the base for our CBD tincture.

MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides are considered easily digestible and beneficial fats. Therefore, instead of being metabolized through digestion like most other foods, these fats are processed in the liver.

MCTs provide fast and lasting energy and are easily absorbed by the body. The MCTs in our 600 mg hemp oil are no exception!


  • Take three drops of 600 mg hemp oil twice daily or as needed.
  • Simply enjoy your oil by dropping the 600 mg CBD directly on to the tongue.
  • Make sure to shake the bottle of 600 mg CBD oil well before using.
  • You can add our 600 mg CBD oil to any of your favorite foods or healthy drinks. Everyone reacts differently to the suggested use, so you are welcome to increase or reduce the amount of CBD oil that you take as you feel appropriate.

This is CBD only, which means it is not full spectrum — in other words, it is THC free. It has no odor, taste or color like regular Full Spectrum Oil does.

Our THC free 600 mg CBD tincture will not get you high. Our CBD oil 600 mg is not a full spectrum product.


Many of our customers buy CBD drops but do not configure the dosage correctly.

As a result, the incorrect dosage will mar the experience and is likely the primary reason why the 600 mg CBD oil is not working for you. There’s no point in investing in 600 mg hemp oil if you’re not going to take it correctly!

Try starting out with a low dosage, as suggested on the bottle of 600 mg CBD oil. From then on, double or triple up your dosage every two hours or until you have reached your comfort zone. Don’t worry about overdosing on a CBD product like 600 mg hemp oil — you can’t really take too much CBD when it comes from the THC free hemp plant.

Research different dosages to understand the effects, and what you are looking for. Rather than going for a high dose straight away, and not feeling the results, try to go slow and build your way up.

Sometimes, the process requires patience, but it is better than doing incorrect dosages and not feeling the full effects like you should be. Soon enough, you will know exactly how you prefer to take 600 mg hemp oil.

What is THC Free?

Wondering the definition of THC? Our 600 mg hemp oil is THC free, so you’re probably wondering what exactly that means. CBD oil 600 mg can be a great way to give THC free products a try.

It’s pretty simple, really. All plants in the marijuana or cannabis family are packed with chemicals called cannabinoids. In fact, there are over one hundred different cannabinoids in each plant.

Most people have only heard of the two most popular and well known cannabinoids. These are THC and CBD.

THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psycho active effect of cannabis. In other words, THC is the part that will get you high. Our CBD oil, on the other hand, does not have this effect. That’s what makes our 600 mg hemp oil such a popular choice.

So, people opt for THC free products if they want to take CBD that contains no psycho active component. In addition, THC free products are legal in most places because they will not get you high.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in Cannabis sativa, the Latin name for cannabis or hemp.

What are cannabinoids?

In brief, they are the natural chemical constituents of cannabis and hemp. CBD is one of the most well-known and well-researched cannabinoids.

Others you may have heard of include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabichromene (CBC), cannabinol, (CBN). Each cannabinoid has unique properties. Many times, the ratio of CBD to other cannabinoids can enhance or moderate the effects of the tincture.

CBD oil is the most popular for preventing and / or treating a variety of health conditions.

About CBD Oil Tinctures

Cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures are one of the best known types of CBD hemp oil supplement. Tinctures like our 600 mg CBD tincture combine CBD Oil and MCT Coconut Oil into a liquid, making it easy to consume using a tincture dropper.

If you’re new to CBD supplements, you’ll want to note that a CBD tincture or oil is a great place to start. Tinctures are ideal for people who would like to start with with a lower concentration CBD product. Our 600 mg CBD tincture offers a convenient and practical way to take your daily dose of CBD.

They are also the most affordable CBD supplement option! That’s what makes a high CBD tincture one of the best all around CBD products.

It’s hard to beat the convenience of having a few drops from your 600 mg CBD tincture as part of your morning routine, or taking the travel size with you on the go to use at your discretion.

How is CBD Made?

The two most common ways to make CBD oil are alcohol extraction and CO2 extraction.

Alcohol extraction involves soaking the hemp plant in a solvent such as ethanol. The solvent leeches out the CBD and other cannabinoids from the plant. The alcohol solution is then heated, which causes evaporation. The heat doesn’t damage the cannabinoids. So, the residue after evaporation is an oil rich in cannabinoids.

The CO2 method involves forcing carbon dioxide (CO2) through the hemp plant. This action, done through temperature and pressure changes within chambers of specialized equipment. The CO2 causes the cannabinoids to separated from the plant and allow collection in the various chambers of the equipment.

Both methods can produce high quality CBD oil. But some people believe the CO2 method can improve purity because of the way different cannabinoids are capture in separate chambers.

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